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List of controversial and vulgar songs in Bollywood

Here is the list of the most controversial and vulgar songs of Bollywood. Which one do you think is the most controversial Bollywood song? Here are the nominees :)

Sheela Ki Jawaani: My Name is Sheela ..Sheela ki Jawani became a neighborhood anthem. But the song that was on the lips of every kid, due to its hum-appeal became popular due to wrong reasons too. In Mumbai, a woman  eve-teased by a guy using this song as his way of provoking her. She complained to her folks who hit the guy, but not before the guy's friends came to rain blows on the lady's group. In the mini battle that followed, one person lost his life.

Munni Badnaam Hui; One of the most popular songs of our generation, Munni Badnaam Hui was crass in lyrical content but the comical picturization saved it from being an embarrassment to the family

Sexy Sexy Sexy mujhe log bole: Sexy Sexy number from Khuddar(1993) featuring Karisma Kapoor was in the eye of controversy. There was a long standing debate in newspapers whether it was appropriate to use the word ‘sexy’ in songs. Finally, under pressure from various sections of the society, the song changed to ‘Baby Baby’ instead of ‘sexy sexy’. A similar song ‘ Meri Pant bhi sexy’ from Dulaara was also criticized but the lyrics were not changed.

Choli ke peeche: Probably, the most sensuous song of Bollywood, Choli ke Peeche from Khalnayak(1993) also turned out to be the most controversial song in Bollywood. The song which was instrumental in making Khalnayak a big hit, featured Madhuri Dixit and Neena Gupta.

Chad gaya upar re : “Chad gaya upar re” from Dalaal (1993) was criticized for its raunchy double entendre and suggestive dances. The first line of the song went “chad gaya upar re atariya pe lutan kabutar re”. The song featured Ayesha Jhulka, Mithun Chakrborty and bevy of female dancers.

Khada hain khada hain: This has to be the most provocative sounding song of Bollywood. ‘Khada hain Khada hain’ sung suggestively by Vinod Rathod for the movie Andaz(1993), featuring Anil Kapoor and Juhi Chawla shocked a lot of people. The line of the song went “Khada Hain Khada Hain, khada hain.. dar pe tere aashiq khada hain”

Main Mal Gaadi Tu Dhaka Laga: Andaz(1993) is one film which Anil Kapoor regrets doing. The double meaning film was peppered with vulgar songs. One of the songs went “Main Mal Gaadi Tu Dhaka Laga” with Anil Kapoor giving ‘dhakka’ to Juhi Chawla. The pressure of the censors changed the song from “Main Mal Gaadi Tu Dhaka Laga” to “Yeh Maal Gaadi tu Dhakka Laga”

Sar kai laio khatiya: Govinda and Karisma Kapoor were doing a fast forward version of Kamasutra in full clothes in Sar Kai Lo Khaitya number of Raja Babu(1994).

Chaiya chaiya: Chaiya Chaiya song from Dil Se(1998) was caught in controversy for the song ‘Paav ke neeche jannat hogi’.

Marjaani: The Marjaani song from Billu (2009) was in controversy for the line ‘Rab ki Hazoor mein kasme jo khayee.”

Darshan Do Ghansham: The song Darshan Do Ghan Sham sung by a blind beggar in the Oscar winner Slumdog Milllionaire ran into controversy when N S Nepali, the son of late poet-lyricist Gopal Singh Nepali complained that the original song was written by his father for the 1957 film Narsi Bhagat. While in the film, it is credited to 15th century poet Surdas.

Oh sexy mama: Oh sexy mama sung by Anushka Manchanda for 13 B was changed to Oh crazy mama conveniently.


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