Monday, April 6, 2009

Do not Copy- Hollywood warns Bollywood (The 'Furious' Case of Benjamin Button)

Hollywood is finally getting stricter about Bollywood lifting scripts and scenes from their films.Leading Hollywood studio Warner Bros has issued a press release in a tabloid stating that no one has the right to remake their film, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button in Bollywood. Advocates Lall & Sethi on behalf of Warner Bros Entertainment Inc stated, "Warner or its co-owner has not licensed any party to remake or make any film based upon the said film and shall initiate legal proceedings against any producer found producing a film either in English or Hindi or other language." They advocated stated, "We read reports in the newspapers that a well known Hindi film producer and director is remaking The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. That's why we issued this notice."

We had mentioned that Vipul Shah was keen on making a movie called Action Replay, that was on the lines of The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (Read the story here)The movie will star Akshay Kumar and Aishwarya Rai in lead roles. When we asked Lall if Warner was referring to Vipul Shah, he said, "I don't want to take names. We just want to protect our scripts. We read that a popular Bollywood producer was remaking the Hollywood film The Departed in Hindi. We sent him a notice immediately."

Hindi films are known to rip off and plagiarize Hollywood films, some even going to the extent of copying it scene by scene. But now, Hollywood is determined to put an end to Bollywood lifting scripts, screenplay, plots and scenes from their movies illegally.The last time, a notice for plagiarism was issued by the court for David Dhawan's Partner, a copy of Will Smith smash-hit Hitch. Vipul Shah on his part defended his film Action Replay stating,"I never copy my films. I am not a DVD director. In fact, I have not even seen The Curious Case of Benjamin Button". He said the shooting is on schedule and he wont deviate from his movie. When Lall was informed that the movie Action Replay is adapted by a Gujarati play, he said that they would see the film first and then respond.

The writing is clear on the wall as Warner Bros proclaim legally,"we have put up a public notice and anybody who remakes The Curious Case of Benjamin Button without our permission risks losing money. We will take action."So, all the Bollywood producers who decide to make a living lifting Hollywood movies, making monies on the fly, will definitely have to rethink their strategy. Meanwhile here is a list of Bollywood movies copied or inspired from Hollywood.


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