Friday, January 15, 2010

Shahid Kapoor Eight Pack Abs, Body Building Tips

If it is one thing eye-candy in Chance Pe Dance, it has to be Shahid Kapoor's six pack body and lean physique. Shahid Kapoor's physique and committed approach to body building has paid handsomely and the actor is looking hotter than ever.

Shahid Kapoor has this to say about his body-building, "I won’t recommend that guys try to maintain a six-pack or a eight-pack all through the year... because it is tough, believe me.’’ However, building the eight-pack was a challenge he loved. “I’m inherently drawn to fitness. For me working out is a lifestyle. When Vishal Bharadwaj suggested that I get a tough look for Kaminey and Ken Ghosh said I should try and get eight-pack abs for a song in Chance Pe Dance, I had a goal to work towards. Of course, Kaminey is different from Chance Pe Dance so I have a different body-type is both films.’’

Here is how Shahid Kapoor built his eight pack abs and a stunning physique:

For a year, Shahid changed his lifestyle completely. First he went completely low on sugar and gradually introduced himself to slow-acting carbohydrates. Oats and brown rice became a regular at his dining table. And he ate his six meals a day at intervals of two-and-a-half hours, religiously. “I also worked out extensively, despite grueling shooting schedules, even it meant hitting the gym at 2 am,’’ reveals the actor of his fitness fundas. His high-intensity workout was a combination of parkour and weights, plus cardio-circuit training.

Shahid Kapoor believes in changing his physicality for almost every film that he undertakes,. Here is a tip from Shahid Kapoor, the proud owner of 8 pack abs: “Maintaining a six-pack is tough. Instead, follow a regular fitness regime and make sure you stay in shape, rather than aim for a six-pack. The sacrifices required to make a body like the one I have in Chance Pe Dance are immense. I would rather eat healthy and stay fit than try to flaunt a dream body all the time.’’


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